Exploring your faith with Alpha

Have you ever wondered what faith is really about? Why not join us for a relaxing friendly meal, watch a short film, then enjoy a discussion in a small group. Alpha is a chance to explore some of the big questions of life in a safe and pleasant environment.

This is not a course, where you have to learn something about religion. It's a weekly opportunity to examine the fact that God loves you, me, each one of us, as individuals. Let's look into what this might mean in your own life, and how this could be important to you personally. And to experience what it might be like to really feel the Lord in your life.

Our next Alpha course will be announced in due course, and you will have the chance to delve into many different aspects of faith. The Alpha experience is open to all, whether you are a lifelong practicing Catholic, or someone who has barely started coming to church.
Email alpha@sacredhearthove.org.uk or call the parish office on 01273 732843 to find out more.

Please feel free to come along, and bring a friend if you wish.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it run?
Our Alpha course runs for 11 weeks, typically mid-September until the end of November.

What time does it start?
Please try to arrive in the parish room for 7pm for a welcome drink. The meal is served at 7.15pm and the evening ends by 9pm.

Do I need to book?
You may just turn up on the evening. However it helps us with numbers for catering if we know in advance how many guests to expect, so we like to know beforehand if we can. Just drop us a line at alpha@sacredhearthove.org.uk

Do I need to bring anything?
Not really. A hearty appetite and healthy curiosity will help you enjoy the evening, but no preparation is needed.

What if I can't make all the weeks?
No problem at all. Of course, the more you come, the more you will get out of it. However if there are one or more weeks you can't make that is not a problem for us. If you do warn us in advance, then we can adjust the numbers for catering, which we'd appreciate.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes by all means, even if they are not a churchgoer, or they attend somewhere else. If you let us know their name ahead, then we can give them an even warmer welcome.

Is it free?
Yes, we do not charge any fee for guests to attend Alpha sessions. Everyone running the events are unpaid volunteers. Some guests choose to leave an offering on their way out, as a contribution towards the cost of the meal, but this is not obligatory.

It looks like it's aimed at young people, can I still come?
Alpha publicity likes to show young people in their videos and photos, but our Alpha sessions are actually open to all ages. Last year we had people who were 18, people in their 80s, and plenty of others in between. We warmly welcome all adults, however long ago they were born.

Is it appropriate for Catholics?
Although Alpha originated outside the Catholic faith, and is applicable across a wider view of Christianity, the core teachings are very much aligned with Catholicism. Alpha is part of the National Core Group for Home Mission from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. Archbishops across the world have endorsed it, and Fr Cantalamessa, preacher to the papal household, has said that 'Alpha should be welcomed as a gift for the Catholic Church of today.' See also http://alpha.org/catholics

I can't make that evening - are there any other options?
Last year we ran Alpha on a Monday but we aim to run Alpha on a different evening each year to accommodate people's availability. We'd also love to have enough interest in running one during the day, but that requires volunteers to run it. If you really can't wait check out alpha.org.uk for other courses locally

Any other questions?
Email alpha@sacredhearthove.org.uk or call the parish office on 01273 732843 to find out more.