Our Parish

Our mission is to bring to life in our Parish the Christian values of faith, hope and charity, and to promote the Gospel positively to the wider community in which we live (see full mission statement). We have over 150 volunteers in the parish who help in so many ways: in our Worship, in maintaining our buildings and offering hospitality, in care for the sick and social outreach, in prayer groups and formation groups. We are served by a Parish Priest, currently Fr Colin Wolczak, a Parish Secretary, a Pastoral Assistant, a Parish Team and a Parish Finance & Fabric Committee. Each area of parish life has people who are delegated with responsibility, working closely with the Parish Priest.

Our Church: History of the Parish

The Sacred Heart Church lies alongside late Victorian domestic properties in a tree-lined road running behind Hove Town Hall. The Church began being built in 1879 and was finally finished and consecrated in October 1887. It is a listed building, built of mainly Gothic architecture, and the interior is warm and welcoming in a style that represents the best of the late 19th century design and craftsmanship. The high wooden ceiling, arched windows, paintings above the sanctuary, magnificent altar with excellent marble carvings, stained glass windows, side chapels, baptistery and a variety of figures and ornaments create a house of prayer with attractive features and a sense of history. Over the years the parish has seen 20 parish priests supported by over 80 assistants/curates. We recently celebrated our 125th Anniversary. Explore our church in more detail with our interactive Virtual Tour.

Arundel & Brighton Diocese

We belong to the Roman Catholic Diocese of
Arundel and Brighton and are served as a Diocese
by Bishop Richard Moth.

Our Diocese serves the counties of Sussex and those parts of Surrey outside the Greater London Boroughs. The Diocese of Arundel & Brighton was established in 1965, having previously been a part of the larger Archdiocese of Southwark.  

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