Discovering God’s Call In Your Life

Discernment & Vocation:

The process of making a decision about your life with help of the Holy Spirit is called "discernment." It is the process of discovering God's will for you. In this process you will get to know both yourself and God better. As you begin, remember that both you and God ultimately desire the same thing: your happiness. Your deepest desire is the very same as God’s will for you. You want to make a decision about your life that will bring you happiness, which is what God also wants for you also.

Through Baptism we are all called to holiness of life. This is the fundamental vocation of all Christians – “to be salt to the earth and light to the world”. When we consider the concrete choices that people make to express their Christian calling, we think of ordained ministry (priesthood and diaconate), marriage and family life, consecrated life (religious life), and committed single life. Each of these ‘particular vocations’ (life choices) are important commitments that support the life of the Church.

Single Life:

The state of being single is what we’re all born into. For some people, the single state is their lifelong and stable response to the call of Christ. Many men and women choose to remain single in order to make themselves available for prayer and apostolic work of the Church. Learn more at

Consecrated life:

Consecrated life is the Church’s way of referring to the wide range of opportunities for individuals to dedicate themselves to a life of prayer and service, often as sisters, nuns, brothers and monks. Learn more at

If you are aged 20-35 and have ever  wondered whether life in a religious order – as a nun, monk,  brother, sister or priest – might be the life for you, the Compass course could help you find your direction. Find out more at


Jesus calls many women and men to the vocation of marriage and being parents. Married couples promise to serve each other with love and to serve the whole Church. They enter into a life-long covenant of love. When marriage is between a Christian man and woman, it is sacramental in nature, and the natural vocation to marriage becomes something much deeper – a joyful call to follow Christ and a total giving of one’s life in love to a spouse and children. Learn more at

Holy Orders:

From our baptism we all share in the ministry of Christ who is Priest, Prophet and King. Within that common priesthood certain men are called, by God, to exercise Christ's priesthood in a particular and ministerial way. The nature of this call is similar to, and as mysterious as, the experience of falling in love.

Proper discernment of this vocation requires much time and much support both at Parish and Diocesan level. Consideration needs to be given to the choice between Diocesan Priesthood or Priesthood in a religious order. We also benefit from the ministry of men ordained as permanent Deacons, some of whom are married. Mention should also be made of non ordained vocations to religious orders of both men and women.
For those feeling some call, however unclear, it is always worth talking to the parish clergy or another priest or religious.

For further information on all of the above please see the following links:

National Office for Vocation

Diocesan Vocations Directorat

Diocesan Vocations page

For more information on vocations you can contact Fr Con Foley, our Diocesan Vocations Director, on 01932 842643 or email 

Diocesan Vocations Groups:

St John Vianney Group

This lively group meets monthly and is for all men, aged 18 - 35, who are brave enough to consider a specific vocation from the Lord.  It is particularly (though not exclusively) suitable for those daring to consider a vocation to the priesthood. The group meets at Fr Terry Martin's house in Crawley and starts with Mass at 5pm.  There follows delicious food (usually pizza!) and then some input from a priest or an inspiring short DVD before time for prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  We usually head home at about 8.45pm. This group could be for you!  Don't be shy.  Just get in touch with Fr Terry and he'll be happy to answer all your questions.

Alive in Christ Group  

A group for women aged 18-35 to discover and respond to the call of Christ. Alive in Christ offers a space to journey with others seeking to tune-in more deeply to the call of Christ in your life, to discern His will for you, discover deeper meaning and direction, and to grow in the trust and freedom to respond generously to the Gospel.

The group meets on the last Tuesday of each month at Fr Terry’s house in Crawley and is resourced by him, Jo Gilbert of the The Wellspring Community and Sr Finbarr Coffey of Wonersh seminary.  The tried and tested patter begins with Mass at 6.15pm and leads to food, input, discussion, prayer and confession.  We usually finish at about 9.15pm.  If you're interested please contact Fr Terry who will be delighted to answer any questions you may have.  We can even help with transport arrangements if necessary!

Find out more about Vocations work happening in our Diocese by going to