Peru Project: The Beata Teresa de Calcutta Medical Project

"Helping thousands of the poorest families in Peru."

This Medical Project is run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Chulucanas, in the north of Peru, in a part of the country with half a million people living in rural poverty. There are many grave medical needs, especially among the children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

A team of professionals, along with the Bishop of the Diocese, Dan Turley, help administer a fund for education, health projects, and emergency healthcare. During the year a number of “Campanas Medicas” (Medical Campaigns) come from the United States offering surgery and specialist care.

This is truly a very worthwhile project with all donations going directly into benefiting the most needy children and families. The total funding needed is $25K per annum and our parish contributions will be a great help. This is the area of Peru in which I worked and I am really grateful to our parish that we can give this support over the next couple of years. Thank you!  Fr Kevin.